• Pick Your Drink!

  • Maybe you're in a bar with your friends and want to skip over the usual beers and just order something a bit more chic but can't figure out what exactly will be the right choice: with CocktailPedia you'll have your own personal drink-assistant: famous mixtures explained so you can never go wrong (even when faced with ignorant bar tenders).

  • Features

  • ∙ Stylish, user-friendly interface
    ∙ Tabbed navigation
    ∙ Mark as Favorite option
    ∙ Search and index navigation through cocktail recipes
    ∙ Share recipe by email
    ∙ New and improved categories filter
    ∙ Option to add your own recipes
    ∙ iPhone, iPad and Windows versions available

  • Drink Smart

  • Be a savvy drinker - Why collecting thousands of recipes you'll never get to try when you can focus on knowing the most celebrated ones and even developing your own versions of them? CocktailPedia's list includes specially selected cocktails (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) with undeniable social reputation and many times even a great story behind them.

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